Word Of The Week

17 Feb


Every choice you make in this life will deliver consequences. Choices can come in a form of who you want to marry or where you want to live. The consequences we have to live with come has a result of the choices we make. Some people tend to make uninformed choices, they don't investigate. When you are making a choice you need to enquire information and be in-tune with the heavens

Daniel went to fast and God brought Gabriel and Daniel recieved skills. Let us open Deuteronomy 30 verse 19, when you make a decision you need to know that it is recorded. You will be the product of the choices you make. Some of the decisions we take will either result in life or death. God has given to you what His mindset is and He wants you to choose life. Once you choose life, it will also impact your generation. God doesn't want you to be undecided when making choices, don't be on the fence.

Let us read 1st Kings 18 verse 21, there are people that when they are given a choice, they can't choose. It is dangerous to have two opinions. You can't live a life undecidedly. You must not come to a point where you become a schizophrenic, a bipolar Christian. When Elijah presented Jehovah and Baal, they didn't make their choice, which shows that they were double minded.

Once you make a choice you can either get positive or negative consequences. Making a choice is a given skill. You are what you are because of the decisions you made in the past and not because of your background or circumstances. What you will be in the future is a result of the choices you make. Remember the 3 faculties of the mind, the Will power is the one thst helps you to make choices.

Let's open James 1 verse 5-8, if you ask for discretion or understanding God will give it to you abundantly. People who are not solid are like the wave, they are unpredictable. God wants you to be solid for you to recieve from him. God propels us to be single-minded. Let's open Genesis 49 verse 4, some people were disqualified from receiving a double portion because of the decisions taken. If you want to live a life of being unstable, you won't excel in life. When granted the opportunity, make a choice.

Let us open Revelations 3 verse 15, God does not want you to be in between the hot or cold. God says that He will spue you out of His mouth. Let's us read John 20 verse 24, Thomas was called Didymus which means a double-minded person. Your miracle of moving across lays in your single-mindedness. It's all a matter of choice!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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