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Seek The Lord your God In All Circumstances

Seek The Lord your God In All Circumstances

The book of second Chronicles illustrates to us indeed that king Jehoshaphat feared. The emissaries that where to descend upon his kingdom where indeed mighty and mammoth. Nevertheless, the king feared not.

The King too it upon himself to seek the Lord our God with all his heart and all his might so that the Lord can direct his steps. As children of God, King Jehoshaphat is a beautiful example to us of what to do when trouble comes our way.

Like the wise King, we are to first and foremost seek the face of God alone in that troubles us. God is our first point of reference and consultation, as he is our refuge and strength. We are to enter his courts with praise and thanks giving in hearts because nothing and no situation is insurmountable to our God.

The Lord our God is able, truly nothing is impossible for him therefore you need not panic. Open your mouth with gladness unto the Lord with praise and worship for you are guaranteed victory in him!

No matter how pressing your matter seems to your human eye, your father is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, he can, and he will rescue you! In every circumstance, seek him, praise him and worship him and watch the walls of your Jericho fall down!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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