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Do not Fear, the battle is the Lords

Do not Fear, the battle is the Lords

The book of 2 Chronicles 20:1 recounts indeed that the king feared...

However he did not camp in his fear filled emotions about the evil that was forming against him .He was sober in spirit in his trust of the Lord. He set forth to seek the face of the Lord in the house of the Lord, even in the midst of terror.

King Jehoshaphat knew who God is, his declarations unto the lord in prayer shows us that the king knew who he stood before. Do you comprehend who your father truly is? Are you well versed with your Bible that you can quote God back to him in the Midst of your troubles?

No matter the seemly insurmountable terrors and troubles of your life truly, fear not because the battle is the Lord's not yours to lose sleep over. God is able to do exceedingly above that which you can think of or imagine. He is not man, he cannot lie therefore he will deliver on every promise to you! He is able!

Consult the Lord in the midst of your challenges and receive your portion by so doing! Fear not, victory, peace and protection is your portion!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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