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How to overcome Fear

How to overcome Fear

The book of 2nd Timothy 1:7 tells us that fear is not of God because the spirt which God has given unto us is that of love, power, and a sound mind. We therefore have the capacity to operate at our highest calling which is to overcome fear, we have the capacity to conquer worry, anxiety and unruly, paralyzing thoughts which are rooted in fear

Yielding to fear has the potential to derail your destiny. The power of life and death lies in the tongue and if you allow the spirt of fear to cause your mouth to speak negatively you will create that which you have negatively spoken.

The book of 2nd Chronicles 20:3 recounts the fearful position King Jehoshaphat found himself in when his kingdom was under seage. In 2018 as children of God we hear all sorts of accounts that cause us to fear. This of course is a natural reaction however we are supernatural because of Christ Jesus who lives in us therefore we have power over that which is natural. Through prayer and supplication to the Lord, any insurmountable problem he will bring the solution thereof

As children of God we must remember always that it is our fathers word that is final! When the natural says death, our supernatural, the Living God in whom we trust, live and have our being says life! Therefore, who do you believe? If you will believe God in faith and rest assured that indeed he will fight for you, you will have the victory.

God will not ask of you that which he hasn't given you provision to conquer. He has given the sport of love, power and a sound mind!! Fight the good fight of faith, you have what it takes to fight fear and win!

Delivered by Pastor Victor Sekese

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