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07 May
The Efficacy of Prayer

The Efficacy of Prayer

As children of God it goes without saying that prayer is the cornerstone of our faith. Prayer is the gas that fuels our spiritual engines and propels us forward in our fight of faith. Therefore without a disciplined prayer life, we will only ever operate at the bear minimum of our capacity.

The book of 2 chronicles 20:1-25 recounts the story of Jehoshaphat, king of Judah and the actions he took when his kingdom was under threat. In our lives at one point or another we will be faced with different threats. Some of these threats will be financial, some will concern our health, some will concern our family, marriage, business and whatever else that may rear its ugly head in the form of a threat.

This passage of scripture therefore presents us with a case study of that which we must do when we are confronted with threatening situations. When we are confronted with a threatening situation our first point of order is to seek God's council in prayer. However beloved, there is Divine protocol to be followed before you can bring your problems to God in prayer.

King Jehoshaphat in the first four versus of this scripture reading spent his time praising and worshiping God by acknowledging who God is, the power, majesty and great significance of who the Lord is and has been in his life and in all the earth.

Wise king Jehoshaphat took a step back from his emotions to focus on whom really matters and who is really important and bigger than any problem he is facing. Often as children of God we omit this critical and divine step.

Often in prayer, we rush to telling God our problems without so much as a “hello daddy" "or thank you daddy for waking me up this morning" we become in a hurry to tell God: " God, so and so is threating me, do something now!" This is rude if you truly think about it. It is human nature today there is no way you can ask anyone for anything before you greet them and ask how they are doing... So why do you treat God differently?

As Christians we need to understand that we don't war like the world, we follow a Divine protocol that works in our favour when we focus on God first and not our problems. King Jehoshaphat only told God his problems after his intense focus on God.

King Jehoshaphat understood that by focusing on God, he himself is reminded of the power God is and God has, he reminds himself that his God is great in battle, and that he is the Alpha and Omega and that nothing to his God is impossible! Therefore with this kind of attitude, by the time you tell God about your problem, you have built up so much confidence and replugged your faith in this your great God to do the impossible for you.

Upon implementing this great wisdom of the efficacy and protocol of prayer, God caused the army that was threatening Judah to fight amongst themselves and they destroyed each other!

Just like with the walls of Jericho, if you will but adhere to the efficacy and protocol of prayer God will do the impossible in your life too!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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