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16 Apr
The Very Important Aspect of Praise and Worship

The Very Important Aspect of Praise and Worship

The power of Praise and Worship in the Christian culture is perhaps one of the most powerful tools of defence in line with prayer. Praise and Worship stimulates God to incline his mighty ears into you because worship and praise are about your true hearts condition.

The book of Luke chapter 17:11 recounts the story of ten lepers that Jesus healed. Of the ten only one came back to give Christ praise for that which he had done for him. This act of gratitude from the grateful man shows that he appreciated the healing Christ gave him. Similarly, praise and worship unto God is the same.

Praise and worship can't be forced, it's a matter of one's true understanding and appreciation for who God is and has been in your life and all that he has done for you. Praise and worship is Rhema and without it you will only praise and worship God on Sunday mornings if you attend church versus praising and worshiping him because he deserves it!

The power of Praise and Worship is that you render it to God alone, prayer is for man but only praise and worship is exclusively for God. It's your time to adore him and give him the acknowledgement only he is worthy of. Like with the walls of Jericho, giving God the worship and praise that's due only to him because of who is will cause all the walls in your life to fall down.

Praise and worship are nuclear warfare to the enemy’s camp, open your heart and month to God's magnificence and watch him change your life!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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