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16 Apr
How To Handle Bitterness In Your life

How To Handle Bitterness In Your life

It goes without saying that harbouring bitterness in your heart is like drinking poison hoping the people or person who hurt you will die. It just simply doesn't work like that. When you harbour bitterness you drink poison and you perish.

The book of Exodus recounts the story of the freed Israelites from captive Egypt. God made a way for the Israelites where there was no way by parting the Red Sea so they could escape Pharaoh’s pursuit to recapture them. Under the leadership of Moses the waters of the Red Sea split and a highway of escape was created for God's people to be freed.

Fast forward some time post witnessing the divided waters of the Red Sea and their miraculous escape the Israelites hit a rough patch on their journey to the Promised Land. Now they were facing a new challenge of thirst, not having water to drink. They eventually came across water but upon tasting it, it was found to be bitter.

Moses was subsequently mocked by the Israelites saying to him is this what he freed them for, to thirst to death from bitter waters. They went so far as to say that even whilst in captivity at least they had water to drink.

As children of God, the tendency to become frustrated and sarcastic when there is no provision when we desperately need it is a tendency we have all been guilty of at one point or the other in our lives. Notwithstanding, Moses in the firing line of all the jeering did not grow bitter with his people reminding them of their ungratefulness as perhaps some of us would have done.

Moses cried out to God and told him of his hurt and anguish. He was vulnerable to God and asked God to help him. There is a well of wisdom (excuse the pun) to be learned from the manner in which Moses handled the bitterness in his life at that particular point. Moses cried out to his God and prayed the bitterness out! You too can chose and implement the same approach today, right now!

By Apostle General Jannie Ngwale

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